About the company | NOX

NOX CONTROL, Ltd. was founded in 1997 by workers from the boiler manufacturer Kotlářská Sigma SLATINA, which was later to become ROUČKA – SLATINA kotle, a.s.  This was a decisive year for the company due to Decree No. 117/97 Coll., valid from 12th May 1997, which set emission limits for boilers.

At the end of 1997, NOX produced the SLATINA ecological boilers for the industrial property office. Since that time, the company continued to improve upon the SLATINA boiler design, which was instrumental in helping them win several tenders for boilers in military housing, and within the regions of Zatec, Prague, Jihlava, Pardubice, Brno, Prostejov, Slavičín and others – see references.

Our company manufactures NOX brown coal boilers with a separate belt rack which have outputs from 300 – 4,000 kW.   NOX wood combustion boilers have outputs from 500 – 2,500 kW..

We are also offer comprehensive services within the field of accounting and economic consulting.

Our company has a solid base of manufacturing and assembly facilities for not only the manufacturing of energy products but also for producing steel structures, locksmith products and machined parts.  After agreement with our customers, we are able to produce and deliver even semi-finished products for your manufacturing needs, or design and implement steel structures for the needs of your business.

We hold the following certificates:

• Installation, repair, reconstruction of pressure equipment, boilers and pressure containers
• Inspection and testing of pressure equipment
• Manufacturing of metal structures, boilers, vessels and containers
• Heating
• Locksmith
• Metalworking
• Construction, their alteration and demolition
• Accounting, Bookkeeping