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NOX Boilers are available with:

S - Saturated steam with pressures of 8 to 13 bar
H - Hot water temperatures up to 175 ° C
V - Hot water temperatures up to 110 ° C
P - Low-pressure steam with pressures of up to 0.5 bar

300, 500, 700, 1000, 1400, 1700, 3000, 4000 kW

The boiler output and working pressure can be designed and accurately adjusted according to customer requirements.

The boilers are designed for industrial use, eg. in the textile, food and wood industries, as well as for the heating of buildings, residential houses, schools and hospitals.

Our boilers comply with the legal limits for gaseous emissions and dust pollutants.
Our boilers are manufactured under the supervision of the Engineering Test Institute in Brno.

NOX brown coal automatic ecological boilers are a three-pass design and consist of two basic sections.

TThe first section is a water tube combustion chamber located above the grate belt with a fitted lining of refractory bricks.

The second section is the hydration of heat in a figure eight shape into which come the tubes from the furnace inlet.

The boiler is insulated with 100 mm mineral felt and a green-coloured coated tin sheet.

The design and construction of the heat and water tubes in the boiler allow for minimum weight with maximum efficiency and durability.

The materials we use, along with the modern design, give our boilers a service life of 20 years or more.
The cast iron moveable grate is divided into 4 air flow zones.

Coal is supplied to the grate through the damper from the hopper with a capacity of 2 m3.
The amount of coal can be controlled through measuring and supply equipment.

The drive transmission grate is from the company BONTIGNOLI.

According to the measurement and control (MaR) project, the boiler is equipped with safety devices conforming to the requirements of section IV. CSN 070620.
The safety and efficiency of the boiler’s operation is provided by kits that monitor the operating parameters in accordance with ČSN 070620 .

Higher output boilers are connected to a standard chimney via a mechanical TZL separator with its own fan.

The boiler´s output and working presure can be designed and accurately adjusted according customer requiments.



NOX boilers are designed for the economical combustion of wood such as sawdust, wood chips, shavings and pieces of wood waste with a maximum humidity of 45%.
They are mainly intended for industrial use and for heating buildings.

NOX Boilers are available with:

S - Steam - saturated vapor with a working pressure of 8 to 13 bar
H - Hot water with a temperature up to 175 ° C
V - Hot water with a temperature up to 110 ° C
P - Low-pressure steam with a working pressure of up to 0.5 bar


500, 700, 1,000, 1,400, 1,700 and 2,500 kW

Production of boilers over 2,500 kW is done on an individual basis.

The product line has a uniform concept, which fully corresponds to global trends.

The boilers consist of two sections:

Boiler body
Combustion chamber

The base of the boiler consists of the boiler body in a three-pass arrangement. The second part consists of a spacious boiler combustion chamber equipped with a cast iron grate with burn zones.

The combustion chamber is supplied with primary and secondary air through a set of nozzles which are located in the walls. The whole system receives air from a separate fan through a distribution of piping with control valves so the quality of combustion can be easily controlled. This creates ideal conditions for optimum combustion and heat transfer. Fuel that can be used is mass produced wood, sawdust or shavings with a maximum grain size of 25mm. Pieces can be inserted through the door of the combustion chamber or fed continuously after the installation and adjustment of the pickup device. The feeding of fuel into the boiler is solved by an automatic screw system. The boilers are equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system that is functional in the event of power failure and loss of water. The boiler body and stokehole is insulated with fiberglass insulation and a protective sheet metal jacket.

The spacious combustion chamber of NOX boilers is placed next to the body and combustion gases are fed to the water-tube furnace and then to the tubes in the boiler’s body. The walls of the combustion chamber are lined with thermally resistant bricks. The combustion chamber design is different for dry or wet fuel.

The moveable grate is the most common type used for the bulk burning of fuel that is automatically fed into the combustion chamber. Openings are cast from iron and are resistant to abrasion and heat.

It serves to protect the power and regulates the function and protection of the system. Conforms to the appropriate standards and is included with the boiler.

The boiler must be installed with a mechanical solids separator, consisting of a steel box, which is located in the vortex cells. For higher output, two-stage flue gas cleaning sections arranged in series can be done, which is highly effective.
NOX CONTROL, Ltd. guarantees that emission limits for their boilers adhere to the Czech Republic’s Clean Air Act.

The boilers and boiler equipment we offer include the management of fuel system (fuel tank operation, conveyor, V-extracting floors) and flues. The materials we use and our construction methods ensure a guaranteed lifetime of 20 years or more.

The boiler’s output and working pressure can be designed and accurately adjusted according to customer requirements.

Financing of the boiler is possible through extremely favourable leasing conditions or payment plans with comprehensive insurance.
We provide guaranteed coal prices for three years for an unbeatable price.